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– There were statistically significant differences between the placebo and high-dose groups in the change from baseline in central retinal sensitivity and the proportion of patients with an deterioration of retinal sensitivity 4 decibels (dB placebo placebo 21, high dose 2,? more

– when comparing the results for patients with mean central retinal sensitivity of less than 12 decibels at baseline, there was a positive dose-response for changes in retinal sensitivity of the central 2 degrees. Continue reading

Despite these positive findings.

Despite these positive findings, there was no difference in overall survival between the two arms in this study. Nearly half of the initially treated initially treated with irinotecan only, were given cetuximab when their cancers progress. Therefore, many patients in both arms are actually received the same treatment, the the researchers could tell the lack of difference in overall survival between the two arms to explain.

The subjects of cancer centers in Europe, Australia and the United States attended were mostly male and Caucasian (91. With an average age of 62 years patientsere randomly placed. Receive irinotecan every three weeks or irinotecan plus cetuximab every three weeks, and were treated until their disease has progressed. Continue reading