Such medicines are getting blamed for contributing to, if not really causing outright, a spate of mass murders over the past few years in areas like Fort Hood, Texas, Aurora, Colo., and Newtown, Conn. Based on the Residents Commission on Human Privileges International, at least 14 recent shootings at colleges have already been committed by someone acquiring or withdrawing from psychiatric drugs. The email address details are informing: 58 killed, 109 wounded. In other school shootings, ‘information about their drug make use of was never made public – neither confirming or refuting if they were under the influence of prescribed medicines,’ CCHRI said.. Are psych medicines to be blamed for high prices of teen suicide? A new research has provided a sobering, if not shameful, statistic that ought to be a wake-up demand lawmakers and general public health policymakers all around the country: one in 25 teenagers in the usa tries to commit suicide, an undeniable fact that’s increasingly being blamed in psychotropic drugs which are being prescribed by the truckloads.That’s why these awareness initiatives are so critical.’ Within IS Recognition Week, Dr. Dark brown said the CNF offers selected Catherine Chu-Shore, MD, of Massachusetts General Medical center as the recipient of the first-ever ‘Logan Infantile Spasms Analysis Award.’ Dr. Chu-Shore, whose program was reviewed by 10 of the nation’s top child neurologists and then chosen by the CNF Panel of Directors, is concentrating her study on the ‘practical network connectivity’ in infantile spasms. The purpose of her study is to identify early metrics of changed brain connectivity, that may provide as biomarkers for prognostication and treatment stratification for infants with IS.