Criminal penalties for willful tax evasion, which are pursued in rare circumstances, add a fine of as much as $250,000 or more to five years in prison for the most egregious instances’ . On the other hand, The Associated Press reports on another provision in the bill: ‘Senate healthcare legislation anticipated this week is likely to add a new long-term care insurance program to help the elderly and the disabled prevent going into assisted living facilities, Democratic officials say. The take action was a ‘top priority’ for the past due Sen. Edward Kennedy. But CLASS Take action opponents ‘have questioned whether the scheduled program would be financially sustainable over the long run, and insurance companies are lobbying to strip it from the health care bill.This is partly due to the large share of immigrants with low levels of education and their resulting low incomes. The welfare programs examined in this survey are SSI , TANF , WIC , free/reduced school lunch, food stamps, Medicaid , public casing, and rent subsidies. The survey entitled: Welfare Use by Immigrant Households with Children: A glance at Cash, Medicaid, Housing, and Food Applications, is usually authored by Steven A. Camarota, the Center’s Director of Study, and offered by Among the findings: Predicated on the most recent data available, from 2009, 57 % of households headed by an immigrant with children utilized at least one welfare plan, compared to 39 % for native households with children.Immigrant households with children tend to use meals assistance programs and Medicaid at higher rates than indigenous households with children.