‘Often, when parents are confronted with this presssing issue, they can mistakenly believe the kid is refusing to understand how to correctly control themselves willfully,’ said Frykman, associate professor of biomedical sciences, associate professor of academic affairs and assistant medical professor of medical procedures. ‘But we have found that generally, there exists a physical, medical problem standing in the way. If we can pinpoint the problem, the perfect solution is isn't far behind. ‘Seeking medical attention when bowel management problems first surface can help kids avoid a long lasting colostomy or lifelong reliance on diapers,’ he added..Additional studies examined the supplement-s effect on -poor – LDL-cholesterol and its safety. The findings here are summarized. Additional information about Organic S-equol, including how it is made, is at The data will be provided in the Poster Session, Thursday, Oct. 7, 2010 5:15 PM CDT . Natural S-equol Supplement Reduces Menopausal Sizzling hot Flashes in U.S. Women Eight weeks of daily dosages of a whole soy germ -based product containing Natural S-equol were better or equivalent to daily doses of soy isoflavones in reducing the frequency of moderate to serious sizzling flashes, in the 1st comparison research of its kind among U.S.