Arthritis medication Bextra found to promote heart strokes and attacks Following the latest revelations that Vioxx result in a high incidence of cardiovascular attacks and strokes, a competing drug from Pfizer, Bextra, has been shown to show similar health problems. What’s especially weighty concerning this particular revelation is normally that it originates from the American Center Association, a disease-industry group which has traditionally acted and only pharmaceutical companies most common question read more . Because of this, the AHA deserves credit for allowing this study to be published.

She says: I am currently making a gel that imitates the vitreous humour and which is usually non-cytotoxic to the human eye. The substance will also include anti-angiogenic medications to prevent the arteries re-growing and the original damage re-occurring. Placing this artificial jelly in to the damaged eyes should improve and possibly restore lost view certainly. Janine Morris says that the research, which is usually in the preliminary levels, is good news for diabetes sufferers who’ll be guarded against recurring harm. The theory that we can potentially improve and maintain sight for diabetes sufferers by changing the vitreous humour is definitely amazing, she says..