Based on the World Wellness Organisation to date there were 204 deaths and 332 cases globally since 2003. Experts dread that if a mutation takes place in the virus enabling it to pass between human beings, a pandemic affecting thousands could possibly be triggered and Indonesia, the world’s 4th most populous nation, at present appears the ideal location for that to happen. The more the virus infects humans the more likely it is to mutate.. Another bird flu death in Indonesia Bird flu has claimed another victim in Indonesia bringing the country’s loss of life toll from the deadly virus to 89.Levels of the enzyme, which is present in low levels in most healthy tissues, were elevated in a number of other types of cancer as well. A second key selecting was that the mutational signature of APOBEC3B is normally a close match to the actual mutation design in these cancers. Very much like we each have unique written signatures, these enzymes each leave a unique mark, Harris says. Findings from both research are counterintuitive as the enzyme, which is made by the immune system, is supposed to safeguard cells from HIV and other viruses, not damage our own genomic DNA. While it’s popular that sunlight and chemical carcinogens can mutate DNA, and that mutations are essential for cancer to develop, Harris may be the first to learn that this human being enzyme is a significant cause mutation in malignancy.