Cardio-defensive drug during cancer treatment may prevent heart damage in children About 75 % of children with leukemia who take chemotherapy face life-threatening heart disease as they age, but an international study led by a University of Rochester INFIRMARY investigator implies that giving a cardio-protective drug during cancer treatment may prevent the damage. Experts and physicians will debate steps to make young malignancy patients and their own families alert to the risks of center damage, and the best methods to manage the risks, in a special program today at the American Culture of Clinical Oncology meeting in Chicago.An interview with Professor Lesley Jones’I believe this could have large implications for the pharmaceutical industry,’ Atwood said. ‘In addition to streamlining functions, pressurizing gas could circumvent a few of the more hard techniques used on an industrial scale, resulting in better pharmaceuticals, more effective treatments and a lesser price ultimately. ‘ Atwood points out that cost savings may be minimal to consumers, however, as drug companies established prices to recoup billion dollar investments in multiple-drug trials. Only 1 of every five clinically tested drugs makes it to market, Atwood said, and the ongoing companies must make money on the drug that becomes widely used.