‘The improvements observed in the growth of the articular cartilage in the study group achieved statistical significance. ‘I would recommend anyone taking glucosamine and chondroitin to consider this option which really is a natural product with no known side-results.’ Pat Jones, 68, a former Olympic hurdler and now a puppy agility trainer from Woking, Surrey, stated: ‘When I was in my own teens I was extremely sporty and realised my sporting dreams when you are chosen to represent THE UK in the hurdles at the 1968 Mexico Summer season Olympic Games.Technology jobs have driven the boom, but 75 % of the population is supported by manufacturing or farming, S. V. Subramanian, a geographer at the Harvard School of Open public Health and an author of the study, said. Global Fund Suspends Mali HIV Grant The Global Fund to Combat Helps, Tuberculosis and Malaria has suspended a $13.9 million HIV grant to Mali because of evidence that grant money has been misused, Aidspan’s Global Fund Observer reports. The principal recipient, Groupe Pivot Sante Populace, an NGO, will become replaced, the newsletter writes.