‘While these initial results are promising, we are still uncertain how cabozantinib will effect the gold standard of survival,’ he adds.. Cabozantinib treats prostate malignancy spread to bones effectively A new drug demonstrated rapid and dramatic effects about prostate cancer that had spread to the bone, according to a scholarly study reported simply by University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Middle researchers. About two-thirds of sufferers treated with cabozantinib experienced improvements on the bone scans, with 12 % seeing complete resolution of uptake on bone scan. Bone scans assess the degree to which cancer is usually in the bone; improvements on these scans suggest a response to the drug.Sometimes it may look like cheaters own it all figured out. They are able to watch TV rather than studying for the spelling test. But other people shed respect for cheaters and believe less of them. The cheaters themselves might feel awful because they know they aren’t really earning that good grade. And, if they get captured cheating, they shall be in trouble at school, and at home maybe, too. Why Kids Cheat Some kids cheat because they’re active or lazy plus they want to get great grades without spending enough time studying.