When not in use medical products can deteriorate as time passes Even, ensure that you are regularly inspecting it. If you see any damaged or defective parts, stop using the fix and equipment or replace the equipment. Many types of medical equipment need to be serviced by qualified professionals at regular intervals. Be sure you are aware of this schedule which means that your equipment stays in great shape for your patients. Proper care and maintenance of respirators are essential for safe and effective operation of the gear. Keep your equipment maintained. You won’t only spend less through longer equipment existence, but will ensure your equipment is effective and safe for your individuals also..Michael Mullen, professor of medication and infectious illnesses at the Icahn College of Medicine at Mount Sinai, in NEW YORK. However, it must be emphasized that PrEP cannot and really should not be used only as prophylaxis against HIV infections – – rather, PrEP can be used in combination with additional proven preventive procedures, including practicing secure sex, being tested frequently for STDs, and knowing your and your partner’s HIV status, he said. Dr. Dawn Smith is the epidemiologist in CDC’s Division of HIV/AIDS Avoidance who led the development of the rules.