BUSM’s Carmela Abraham receives 2014 Massachusetts Neuroscience Consortium Award Carmela Abraham, PhD, professor of pharmacology and biochemistry at Boston University College of Medicine, was among six recipients of the year's Massachusetts Neuroscience Consortium Award out of almost 60 applicants. The grant was awarded to her on her behalf focus on multiple sclerosis and the part of the life span extension proteins Klotho in the limited restoration of white matter in the condition.Bladder control problems affects around 30 million adults in the U.S. And could account for just as much as $60 billion in annual medical costs, regarding to published research. It could cause significant distress, restrictions in daily working and reduced standard of living. Obesity is an integral risk factor: each 5-unit upsurge in Body Mass Index – a ratio of somebody's excess weight divided by the square of his / her height – above regular weight is connected with far higher prices of incontinence. Related StoriesDiabetes avoidance starts in the wombSt.