American Heart Association commends passing of Affordable HEALTHCARE for America Act Today’s dramatic vote in the U.S click here . House of Representatives provides us one step nearer to meaningful healthcare reform. We have become pleased that the Inexpensive Health Care for America Act makes healthcare more accessible and affordable for millions of Americans by enhancing insurance, promoting preventive care and enhancing delivery of care. But this milestone also serves as a sober reminder of the boat load of work we still possess before us if we are to ensure that legislation that ultimately emerges from Congress and is sent to the President retains the individual protections and provisions that are in line with the association’s tenets of health care reform and are so vital that you individuals struggling with cardiovascular disease and stroke and their families.

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‘If our capability to prevent and deal with heart disease stays where we are at this time, costs will triple in 20 years just through demographic changes in the population.’ Related StoriesAir pollution linked to overall increase in threat of deathCardiovascular disease morbidity is normally significantly reduced through intensive management of blood pressureCardiovascular disease risk can now be predicted for teensThe panel stated effective avoidance strategies are had a need to limit the developing burden of cardiovascular disease – – the leading cause of death in the usa that makes up about 17 % of overall national health expenditures. ‘Unhealthy behaviors and unhealthy conditions have contributed to a tidal wave of risk elements among many Us citizens,’ said Nancy Brownish, American Heart Association CEO.’ Presently, 1 in 3 Americans have some form of heart disease, including high blood circulation pressure, coronary heart disease, heart failure, stroke and additional conditions.