‘Catamaran acts as a model for the high outcomes that are feasible when innovation and commitment come together across a business.’ The award was formally shown at PQA's annual conference and luncheon on, may 29, 2013. This is actually the third 12 months the consensus-based, multi-stakeholder business provided this unique recognition to top healthcare suppliers administrating Medicare prescription services across the nation.. Catamaran achieves five-superstar medication safety ratings Catamaran Corp. , a leading provider of pharmacy advantage management services and technology, today announced it has received a 2013 PQA Quality Award recognizing its five-star rating on all PQA measures in the Part D Star Ratings program.Read his handy ideas below, talk about them with friends and maintain them near keep your children safe. Thank you for staying safe this Halloween. Safe Halloween Costumes Avoid theatrical and non-prescribed contact lenses. Several teens are turning to changing their eye color to resemble a favorite zombie or vampire. Without proper care, infection could incur. Because they are able to obstruct a child’s eyesight, masks aren’t recommended. If a young child wears makeup, parents should search for nontoxic, hypoallergenic kits.