We’ve a lot of leading edge coverage approaching over the next couple of days, including breast malignancy myths debunked, what you ought to find out about mammograms and a step-by-step self examination guidebook. MORE HEALTH Content material FROM CBS NEWS: 8 Cancer WARNING FLAG Your Doc SHOULDN’T Ignore ARE YOU AWARE What to SEARCH FOR? You Should.. Breast Cancer Recognition Month: Where We Stand Breast cancer continues to have a heavy toll in American women, 26 years following health advocates named October National Breast Awareness Month.Stay safe, people. This storm will pass, and we wish everyone to ride it out confidently, not fear. Thank yourself for being prepared!

Beautiful with HIV HIV-positive women sporting evening gowns and sparkling jewels entered a beauty pageant in Botswana so that they can dispel the stigma that surrounds the deadly virus in this AIDS-ravaged southern African country with among the world’s highest prices of HIV infection. 37 % of its 1.7 million inhabitants offers tested positive for the virus that triggers AIDS. It really is hoped the pageant, Miss Stigma Free of charge, right now in its third season – will show the condition does not prevent ladies from being gorgeous and living positively.