Charity warns elderly even now go hungry in hospital A charity in Britain says seniors remain going hungry on hospital wards and many hospitals remain not doing more than enough to ensure they are correctly fed. Two years ago the charity Age Concern launched the ‘Hungry to become Heard’ advertising campaign and says regardless of the heightened public awareness and a committed action from the federal government to tackle the issue, a survey of 110 NHS trusts has revealed that 43 percent acquired still not introduced safeguarded mealtimes, where non-urgent ward activities were stopped towards focusing on feeding patients.Kids of Asian immigrants are almost three times as likely to have lower levels of exercise than U.S.-born white children, and children of Hispanic immigrants and immigrants of unspecified ethnicity are nearly 2 times as likely. Related StoriesExercise can protect human brain function, reduce occurrence of PTSDAvatars in virtual environments may lead to improved health and exercise behaviorsJohns Hopkins experts present new healthcare ideas from American Heart Association MeetingThe study, Community Context and Immigrant Children's Physical Activity,in the August edition of Social Research and Medicine will appear.