Now it is important to find out what is usually behind this, whether it’s air pollution or tension or both.’ The experts also said these were surprised that females were in the higher-risk group. ‘Their risk is a lot more than five occasions higher,’ she stated. ‘We’re uncertain what the physiological system is behind this; nevertheless, it could also be because of the smaller amount of females as we just interviewed 325 ladies in five years. A more substantial sample of women may have provided enough statistical capacity to detect a far more accurate evaluation of risk.’ The experts are doing further research to describe the reasons that contact with traffic was connected with a higher threat of coronary attack.Since September 2008 ten individuals had been treated at the Children’s Medical center Zurich with this brand-new neurosurgical treatment in the context of a medical study. All interventions had been completed effectively and without complications. This novel technology today opens up fresh horizons allowing to build up noninvasive intervention methods for a number of brain diseases including human brain tumors. Related StoriesSeizure control enhances for TSC sufferers undergoing more intensive surgeryBrain's hippocampus needed for recognizing previously encountered eventsPenn Medication's Gordon Baltuch performs 1,000th deep mind stimulation procedureThe whole medical procedure is planned and monitored instantly by magnetic resonance imaging . The HIFU beams made by 1024 transducers are transferred through the intact skull of the individual into the mind and concentrated onto a concentrate of three to four 4 millimeters in size.