Articles describing the scholarly research and its outcomes was accepted for publication in the prestigious American Journal of Cardiology. The scholarly study recruited 996 patients and compared the clinical performance of HyperQ vs. Standard ECG for the recognition of Coronary Artery Disease , using nuclear imaging as the gold regular. The study was carried out in two main medical centers in Israel – Assuta INFIRMARY and Sheba INFIRMARY, and was headed by Dr. Tali Prof and Sharir. Pierre Chouraqui. HyperQ evaluation also had a lesser false alarm rate in comparison to conventional tension ECG.Relating to Reuters Health, information posted at China’s State Intellectual Property Office website clarifies that the Chinese authorities will now start issuing compulsory licenses that bypass medication patents during moments of state emergencies or other unusual conditions, or when doing so benefits the interests of the general public. Patent laws will be the keys to the kingdom, so to speak, for Big Pharma, because they ensure a continuous stream of exorbitant income from ‘blockbuster’ medications for many years.