As part of the contract, Sinlab granted Nobel a license in and to most of its patents, including patents relating to its Technoguide and Technobar technologies, under conditions undisclosed for confidentiality reasons. Caution regarding forward-looking statements This information release contains specific forward-looking statements relating to the Business's expectation of future events, including potential promises and legal proceedings. Such expectations derive from certain assumptions based on available information currently.Related StoriesNew approach helps Group Wellness to increase rates of lifesaving screening for colon cancerElectronic triggers might help identify, decrease follow-up delays in evaluation for cancer tumor diagnosisNew commercial EHRs boost prospect of patient safety hazards’Understanding that EHR systems are paramount on most physicians’ minds, CAP is offering this important service to help its members successfully adhere to HITECH requirements, while running smoother procedures and increasing patient protection,’ said CAP CEO James Weidner. CAP’s fresh program was launched in early November with the publication of a specially developed reference guide, titled Assistance for Choosing Practice Electronic and Management Health Information System, which was delivered via e-mail to all or any of the organization’s people..