Robert N. Butler, moderator of the Davos panel and CEO and President, International Longevity Center. ‘Today’s meeting of federal government, corporate and civil society representatives is an important step in driving urgency to act.’ ‘Unchecked, dementia and Alzheimer’s will impose enormous burdens on individuals, families, health care infrastructures, sector and the worldwide economy,’ explained Wortman. ‘There is certainly hope in taking action to aid research for better treatments also to fund and improve dementia care.The greatest improvements among this general group had been achieved after training their visible perception skills – – approximately 33 percent after five sessions. This was accompanied by sustained interest, which led to a rise of about 28 percent in these players’ capability to focus after five classes. Among those teaching their encounter and name recognition skills, optimum performances were accomplished after 10 sessions, indicating a 50 percent improvement rate. Results According to Education Senior high school graduates scored highest in Brain360’s visual perception memory training games, while university graduates recorded the best scores when teaching their logic and reasoning capabilities.