When we eat food usually we do not pay much attention that whether we are getting sufficient nutrients from it or not but the content of the food determines your health. In addition, the importance to aid growth, we ought to also look after another factor that these are actually sent to the tissue if they are needed and also the bioavailability. Bioavailability is certainly a phenomenon that measures the performance of delivery and the total amount ingested.Almost all the humans are affected with major depression of how old they are or sex regardless. Females are affected even more when compared with the males. There are numerous reasons that are in charge of depression. They might be adverse life events, particular considering patterns, medical ailments or genetics etc. Few folks are affected with depression with the apparent change of season that’s referred to as seasonal affective disorder or Unfortunate. Ayuurveda system of medication considers imbalanced three doshas or unawareness of the internal personal to be the main reasons of depression. The majority of the traditional medications taken by the individuals of depression put unwanted effects whereas the next Ayurvedic medicines and preventive methods relieve them without impacting them adversely.