Battle Over Trans Fat Heads West The nationwide government war on trans fat, started when NEW YORK banned it from restaurant food, has already reached Los Angeles . LA County supervisors voted Tuesday to review the feasibility of banning artificial trans fat from restaurants there. In December had asked for similar record on at least restricting them THE TOWN Council. ‘I’m very worried about the whole trans-fat concern,’ Supervisor Yvonne Brathwaite Burke stated after Tuesday’s vote for the analysis.

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Australian University of Midwives president Hannah Dahlen also agreed that medicines like pethidine had been overused.. Bathing much better than pethidine since treatment during labor: Survey By Dr Ananya Mandal, MD According to a big survey of new moms, a bath or a shower relieves suffering in childbirth a lot more than anesthetic gas or pethidine effectively. The survey discovered that breathing techniques, massage, sizzling hot packs and hypnotherapy had been far better than pethidine, a solid analgesic distributed by injection, and nitrous oxide, that’s an anesthetic gas. The study provides renewed the debate of medication overuse during kid birth that may potentially harm babies.