The ever evolving developments in medical technology and science have ensured sufferers with better treatment options and speedy recoveries. The arrival of the innovative and route breaking da Vinci robotic system has changed just how doctors perform surgeries. The term surgery is definitely horrifying and depressing for many, specifically for people undergoing tumor treatments. This apprehension is mainly because of the pain, risk and discomfort involved in the customary practice. The innovative modern technology has gifted us with many significant and promising breakthrough techniques.Most of the words from this ‘study list’ were linked to each additional while some were unrelated ‘filler’ terms. After a short break, the learners were presented with a fresh ‘test list’ composed of study list terms, new words belonging to the aforementioned categories , and distracter words that were new and entirely unrelated to the classes or the analysis list. Their task was to identify if they had heard a word or not previously. As predicted, if the check list provided a fresh word with a carefully related meaning to a word from the study list, teenagers were more likely to assert that it turned out heard by them before. Simply put, the older children had more false recollections in cases like this than younger children.