‘Nursing practice is now increasingly specialized and complicated, and it is essential that RNs retain in step with the most recent developments. There are over 15,600 nurses in Canada who’ve earned their nationally identified qualification credential – an assurance that they are at the top of their game in their specialized field,’ says CNA president Kaaren Neufeld. ‘RNs in the united states proudly wear their certification pin as a badge of honour – and rightly therefore!’ Many employers seek out CNA-certified nurses in their recruitment campaigns because they start to see the advantage in building a workforce of RNs who are officially named qualified, proficient and current.Aptuit develops proprietary production screen to understand drug and API formulations Aptuit, Inc., today announced that it has developed a proprietary production display screen to enable a better knowledge of active pharmaceutical substances and medication formulations previously in the product lifecycle. The production display applies advanced theoretical advancements in solid-state chemistry to address challenges at the most vital interfaces in the drug development process.