It had been only after persistent work by CRY-supported project SSDC for ten years that the attitude of the community began to modification. While they once got very little awareness about health-checkups, pre-natal care for pregnant mothers, care and immunization for the newborn, they realize the need for medical attention now, in the first five years especially. With this aim to ensure kids get the mandatory care and medical attention in the 1st five years, that CRY – Child Rights and You, a leading child right NGO in India, provides launched a nation-wide fundraising and consciousness Campaign 'Healthy Begin'. It looks at multiple issues that a child faces during the crucial 0-5 years, and functions towards addressing the gaps that exist and ensure rights are upheld for children.Weight lifters also needs to be conscious of the quantity of weights they are able to lift. Knowing the proper amount of weights can help avoid muscle exhaustion and injury. Focus on the lighter weights and go heavy first, but ensure that you not really exceed your limit. End up being conscious of the amount of repetitions and avoid overcooking it. There are many of lifting weights accessories obtainable in gyms and actually in sports shops. Know which barbells to get and equip your self with hands gloves and grips in order to avoid hand injury. Sweat and oil could make the equipment slippery, thus, the need for hand gloves and hands grips.