Capitalize On Spring 2013 Trends TOGETHER WITH YOUR Skin Care Advertising Manufacturers and merchants of skincare products should anticipate 2013 because it provides an opportunity to increase sales in a big way. The makeup trend for 2013 can be, well, nearly no make-up at all. Models are starting to sport clean faces with just lip stains and glossy attention shadow, no base or blush. Skin care advertising text messages should piggyback on this pattern, promoting the need for proper skincare in pulling off the look. The lack of makeup on catwalks lately gives skin care products the chance to shine.Taught by occupational therapists, this structured rehabilitation program is made to educate individuals about joint protection, appropriate body mechanics, activity pacing, and environmental barriers. For instance, patients with joint discomfort due to osteoarthritis learn approaches for walking around the house or outdoors, or even getting back in and out of a car. For the pilot research, the activity strategy teaching included education, group conversation, a home visit, and practice and demonstration of ways to facilitate activity.