An apple a full day time prevents arterial hardening to reduce heart disease risk Cardiovascular disease recently surpassed malignancy as the leading reason behind death in the U.S. And several western societies . The unfortunate part of the tale is that heart disease is largely preventable by adopting healthful lifestyle changes including a natural diet filled with vegetables, nuts, fruits and seeds, regular physical avoidance and activity of commercial and household pollutants. Several foods have already been identified that provide our body with potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory phenols that directly lower our risk for developing cardiovascular and other health disorders. Researchers from Ohio Condition University publishing in the Journal of Functional Foods report that eating an apple a day time might in fact help to keep the cardiologist apart.

Virginia Hughes reported last month in Nature Medicine how insurance companies are reluctant to cover these analyses for young children due to their more expensive. In the issue of Fertility and Sterility July, Santiago Munne and his colleagues at Reprogenetics, an exclusive laboratory based in NJ, make the full case for carrying out CGH upon IVF embryos as youthful as three days outdated. Since 50-70 percent of embryos formed by IVF have major chromosomal abnormalities, preimplantation medical diagnosis can reduce the number of miscarriages and spontaneous abortions for women undergoing the procedure. The paper also provides a detailed technical description of their methods, emphasizing how to avoid misdiagnosing healthful embryos.