Arena is planning experiments to further test the idea that lorcaserin causes mammary tumors in rats by increasing prolactin. The FDA has recommended a dosing duration of a minimum of three months to establish a causal relationship between lorcaserin, prolactin elevation and mammary tumor advancement in rats. After the end-of-review meeting, the FDA requested that Arena consider executing a separate 12-month research in feminine rats that would test whether transient prolactin elevation mediated by short-term exposure to lorcaserin can result in mammary tumors in rats.This key document delineates how governments, both federal and local, have already been hijacked and converted into corporations that enforce fictitious laws against fictitious people – – you and I, under duress – – who never in fact consented to what essentially are private legal agreements with these personal corporate entities posing as authorities. After they take workplace [politicians], they no more represent the people who voted for them, but become trustees of the federal government, state, or local corporations. This rip-off has been going on a long time, but we feel the total results of it more each year.