Alzheimer’s can involve mixture of proteins from different neurodegenerative diseases Neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s are characterised by the loss of nerve cells and the deposition of proteins in the brain tissue. A combined group of experts led by Gabor G. Kovacs from the Clinical Institute of Neurology at the MedUni Vienna has demonstrated that Alzheimer’s disease does not simply – as previously believed – involve the proteins that are attributed to Alzheimer’s, but instead the condition can involve an assortment of interacting proteins from different neurodegenerative diseases.David Lakey would not release a specific numeric breakdown of the individuals, apart from saying three of the 50 folks are EMT workers. Some of the people are those who didn’t have face to face connection with Duncan, but dealt with his blood for lab just work at the medical center. The others are individuals who had connection with Duncan locally. There’s medical care workers that straight the average person on the first night, friday on, when he came in, anyone that was in the emergency room, anyone who was drawing blood, anyone who was processing bloodstream, explained Lakey. Therefore we throw an extremely broad net, so we can make sure we don’t miss anybody. Medical care workers classified as high risk have already been furloughed from use pay.