Chocolate may be Beneficial for Chronic Fatigue Regularly consuming chocolate could possibly be beneficial to those with chronic fatigue syndrome, relating to a scholarly study at Hull York Medical School. People who suffered with the illness found that they had even more energy when they consumed high cocoa content material . Chronic exhaustion syndrome is an illness which has a vast array of diverse symptoms; the primary one being exhaustion. Many chronic fatigue specialists advise their clients in order to avoid chocolate because of the sugar and caffeine it contains. Professor Steve Atkin, who led the scholarly study, said he had customers who reported feeling much better after swapping normal milk chocolate for chocolates with a high cocoa solid content.

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Cholera outbreak in Cuba kills three, sickens more than 50 people A cholera outbreak in eastern Cuba has killed three elderly people and sickened more than 50 others, 130 years following the last known case of the disease was reported on the island, Agence France-Presse reviews . In a statement, the Cuban authorities stated the outbreak was caused by contaminated well water caused by weighty rains and high temperature ranges and that the outbreak is currently slowing, according to Reuters . Health officials said they had ‘all the necessary resources to provide adequate attention to individuals’ and that the problem was ‘under control,’ BBC News reports .