CDC: More teens cigarette smoking e-cigarettes, hookah More high and middle school students are smoking digital cigarettes, hookahs and cigars, according to a new government report type the Centers intended for Disease Avoidance and Control. While rates for those tobacco products have increased, overall youth smoking rates haven’t declined at all, a concerning figure for health officials RX piller . ‘We need effective action to protect our kids from addiction to nicotine,’ Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the CDC, said in an agency press release. For the new report, researchers combed data from the 2012 National Youth Tobacco Survey, a nationally-representative poll around 25,000 college students in grades six through 12 on the tobacco use practices and attitudes towards smoking.

CDC: Flu Season ACCUMULATES, Widespread in 5 States ATLANTA – Flu season appears to be picking up. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says five says had widespread reviews of flu the other day, up from zero two weeks earlier. A CDC record released Thursday says four of the states had been in the South — Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and Virginia. The other was New York. The record also says that lab tests around 120 virus samples display the circulating flu strains appear to be well-matched to this season’s flu vaccine. Health officials say around 23,600 flu-related deaths occur every year.