Cognitive mapping and how organic foods cause you to smarter A cognitive map is a mental map, model or representation that helps code, store, recall and even decode information regarding attributes of everyday phenomena. This includes metaphorical spatial environment . These maps are mental representations of physical locations also, helping humans and animals find their method by recalling important features, like back-tracking your way out of a maze. They offer insight into worlds where humans possess sensory deficits or physical handicaps – – think about the blind navigating their way through familiar territory.


College binge-drinkers happier than non-bingers DENVER – – The allure of the beer funnel for university students may have less to do with the need for a buzz and even more to do with a desire to have social status, brand-new research finds. College students who binge beverage report becoming happier with their interpersonal lives than their non-binging counterparts, regarding to a new study presented here today at the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association. And the bigger a student’s social status, the more likely they were to binge drink. ‘I would guess it has related to feeling as if you belong and whether you’re doing just what a ‘real’ scholar does,’ Hsu informed LiveScience.