Studying human cancer cell lines in mice, researchers have found, if this path is known as PI3K, is activated permanently via mutation, tumors proliferate and grow independently of food intake. However, when the PI3K pathway is normal, (defined as a 60 percent reduction in normal recording restriction, restriction, results in smaller tumors erectile dysfunction treatment here . The findings are published online in the 11 March issue of Nature. – Our results show that each tumor cell is a signature, whether that cell will be affected by dietary restriction bears intended, says Nada Kalaany, first author of the paper and a postdoctoral researcher in the lab of Whitehead Member David Sabatini. We think that mutations in the PI3K pathway are a major determinant of the sensitivity of tumors to dietary restriction. .

David Sabatini primary affiliation is with Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research his laboratory and his laboratory and all of its research is being conducted. He is also a Howard Hughes Medical Institute and professor of biology at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Full Citation:.

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