Monsanto so confident in the safety of GMOs is, in fact, that it has the human be declared be declared GMO totally unnecessary ( trust Just us. – that is the extent of the science behind Monsanto GMOs, most of which considered never by someone other than Monsanto were due to the company’s patent holdings And since most of of the Monsanto Monsanto safety tests obviously confirms the legitimacy of Frankencrops , agro – giants and their corporate minions can tell sure if given the chance, she shows no knowledge of testing GMOs are unsafe.

If GMOs are safe and beneficial, why do we want the industry that they are in? One of the absurd answers, However, manysanto and its biotech industry colleagues why she is asked to give the labeling that GMOs are no different from natural foods. GMOs often contain embedded genes of animals (or built-in insecticides (but they are just as safe as any other food can be obtained, we were told.There any better Examine Health Care Add in New Orleans Since the Katrina.

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