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However, they add, ‘our study showed that the combination of primary surgery and chemotherapy positively influenced survival in patients with ovarian cancer. Moreover, gynecologic oncologist rather provide this. ‘Simply put, the researchers found, receiving chemotherapy referral to gynecologic oncologists improved the outcome of patients with ovarian cancer because she used aggressive treatments including debulking surgery and adjuvant chemotherapy. – ‘Because a large number of patients with high risk disease treated by non-gynecologic oncologists not receive chemotherapy, suggests our data indicate that some physicians without subspecialty training in ovarian cancer can not underestimate the risk of relapse and failure in this ‘aggressive cancers, the authors warn.The team found to transplant patients had more than 1,200 prints sjTREC in each milliliter of their blood prior to transplantation had more experience to patients with less copies more successful restorations of her Tee cell populations. For patients with fewer than 1200 copy per milliliter, transplant either fail either fail and considerably slower in the reconstruction of the T – cell population.