Kay said PIE12 trimer was a unique. Designed resistor-capacitor that enables a strong defense against the emergence of resistant viruses.. Michael S. Associate Professor of Biochemistry at the U School of Medicine and senior author of the study published Wednesday, August 2010, online in the Journal of Virology, raising funds for the begin begin studies , followed by clinical trials people in two to three years. Kay believes PIE12 trimer is ideal for use as a vaginal microbicide to prevent HIV infection suitable.

Physically disabled D-peptides are mirror-image versions of natural peptides that can not be reduced, potentially to improved efficacy and durability in the body Despite these potential advantages, no D – peptides have not developed. The study first authors Welch, and UU student J. Nicholas Francis. A further contribution were U students Joseph Redman and Matthew Weinstock and Eckert. Pictures PIE12 binds to the HIV pocket were with X-ray crystallography, a technology high-resolution analysis of atomic structures provides, and were provided by Frank Whitby, research assistant professor of biochemistry and Christopher P.Norhealth will well in the next month, to a conference of health and innovation in Europe web based the European Public Health Association. Focusing on with a focus on Web-based public health education within the EU, where Norway, Austria and Germany to present their systems will be will be together with the the EU system known as EUPHIX.

Norhealth an interactive Web-based health information system, which has set a knowledge base for health promotion and prevention strategy in Norway. Article about Norhealth into in the September issue the Zeitschrift fur Public Health.