Alice J treatments here . Hagit Bergman, and his colleagues at the Center for Connected Health, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, was similar. Visits and office evaluated carefully produced equivalent clinical outcomes in 151 patients with mild – moderate to moderate acne. Of them, 74 to fulfill four follow-up with an e – visit platform. Every six weeks, they send send digital images of their skin and an update via a secure website to the dermatologist , who responded with advice and electronic prescriptions. The other 77 participants visited the dermatologist’s office four times.

A total of 121 patients completed the study. The decline in the number of inflammatory acne lesions was similar. Between the e – visit and office visit groups Both dermatologists and patients reported similar levels of satisfaction with their care, regardless of the type of visit. Compared with office visits, e – visits saved time for the patients and did not change the amount of time spent per patient dermatologist . – supply in this study follow-up in subjects with mild produced to moderate via office and online visits equivalent clinical results of different metrics acne, the authors conclude. These findings suggest that dermatologists sufficient information from digital images and survey responses appropriate management decisions to preserve in the treatment of acne. In addition, this model of care has been popular with both physicians and patients, likely because of the convenience and / or time savings with e – visits. .

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