Professor Bernard Guy-Grand , Chairman of the Congress said that the complications and risks associated with obesity, diabetes of obesity greater risks greater risks, and better way in which they are identified better now, even if it is still being debated. Treatment of obesity and its side effects – coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes and arthritis starts consume more and more by national health budgets in developed countries.. This includes eating more than is necessary, insufficient physical activity, a genetic predisposition, endocrine abnormalities and a medical condition. The advances in the basic science of obesity was made on the 8th International Congress in Paris in Paris from 29 August and 3 September highlighted this year.

The World Health Organization , it is a T? growing epidemic? Unless steps are taken to deal with the increase in obesity, it the beginning at the start of the next millennium. Obesity is the result of several factors.Being a veteran , I am tormented with daily reports of increased mental disorders that our forces face of and how difficult it is for her receive help, says Jeannie Campbell, EVP to the National Council for Community Behavioural Healthcare. This is a new kind of war, with citizen – soldiers, who mentioned at multiple installations of. And help to their serious psychological problems outside of our overloaded military systems. .