ISORAY breakthrough treatment is one of the most important advances in internal radiation therapy in 20 years. It offers an alternative therapy that is clinically proven and is now successfully to treat lung cancer at 5 major centers around the country. The therapy also proves to be an important new option for patients with lung cancer, -he subject does not have the lung capacity to the typical surgical procedure to remove a cancerous lung lobe .

Oncologist Dr. John Pablo of the Radiation Oncology Center of the Lewis Cancer and Research Pavilion in Savannah, Georgia is one of the participants of the study. Said Dr. Pablo, ‘I have changed the effectiveness of cesium-131 with to using it exclusively for all my patients with prostate cancer and I can already see its impact on my Non Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients Seen It enables the provision of. Of the required dose of radiation in a shorter time and directly to the site of aggressive cancers like NSCLC We are very what our patients responded to this treatment for prostate and NSCLC satisfied. ‘.Viroblock was founded by Dr. Donald University of Applied Sciences Wallach, who was an international expert in artificial and biological membranes, and not – phospholipid vesicle.

SA reports strong outcome of preclinical in antiviral nasal spray flu.

This patented technologies VCCD inactivated allegedly every families and strains from enveloped viruses such as human and avian influenza, Ebola and smallpox viruses, and uses a mode of action develop a development of viral resistance and toxicity of. VCCD technology products existing as colloidal suspensions, creams and sprays, with specific mechanical, physical and chemical properties.