Three doses of 1-2 x 107 cells / ml were injected into the superficial LP layer of each scarred vocal fold at four – week intervals. The primary efficacy measure was just an objective evaluation of the mucosal wave, secondary measures included acoustic analyzes, completed a patient survey VHI and voice quality questionnaire. Safety assessments included clinical laboratory blood tests, vital signs, and monitoring for adverse events. Patients were treated for 12 months after the first treatment.. Showed The Chhetri study that fibroblasts cultured in cGMP facility Fibrocell the developed and in the lamina propria layer of the vocal folds as an outpatient procedure seemed to be well tolerated and both objective and subjective improvement in voice quality that had to produce up to 12 months after the treatment suffered.

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Followed As the larynx preservative through radiation to chemotherapy is an effective treatment the functional results often do not report and the lives this patient unknown Date. After 61 months follow-up which totaled laryngo and esophageal dysfunction free – survival 28 % of in the averaging of the PF arm and the the TPF arm. Voice disabilities were low for 57 % of patients, with just 15 %, for which heavy vote obstruction. Forty % of patients did without food or swallowing problems of in general and 8 % of called for a feeding tube. – ‘For cancer patients treatment of its larynx, is organ the organ but it is even more importantly in order to keep the function of this organ,’Gilles Calais, lead author of the degree and Oncologist on the this Hopital’s Bretonneau in Tours ‘ France, ‘This is the first study to analysis not only maintaining but even the preservation of the laryngeal function and esophagus.