Kissela said he admitted to was interested in studying the question of observing an increase in young stroke patients be hospitalized. The researchers examined data from the Greater Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky region, which includes about 1.3 million people. But Kissela said the trend observed is likely to occur throughout the United States, because higher prevalence of higher prevalence of risk factors such as obesity and diabetes in the young here throughout the country.

They took the age of people for their first-ever stroke in the summer of 1993 in the hospital in the summer of 1994, then compared it to calendar years 1999 and 2005.In 1993-94, the average age of first stroke was 71.3 years old. The average age dropped to 70.9 in 1999 and was up to 68.4 in 2005. The researchers also found racial differences in stroke incidence. For blacks, the incidence of stroke decreased significantly in the over 85 – year-olds to the 2005th For whites, the incidence decreased significantly starting at age 65 until 2005.Despite younger children were not strong enough order to compress the chest enough, they learned to of the theory of technique just as the older children.