In the course of 10 months, they were by the doctors, psychiatrists and researchers in the protocol for the AP-HP was the sponsor and the principal investigators involved monitors. The stimulator to the electrodes was connected activated and then deactivated in a randomized manner : eight patients over a period of active stimulation by a period of placebo stimulation while eight others received placebo stimulation by real stimulation followed. It was a double-blind trial, neither the patients nor the doctors knew the time of stimulation, explains Luc Mallet..

The suffering of the obsessions and compulsions, the time and professional lives for them and the ability of patients to control these causes thoughts and behaviors rated with a special scale. The results were very convincing. After surgery, and at the end of 3 months of active stimulation showed 7 out of 10 patients in response to the treatment and improvement in their condition: more than 25 percent of their symptoms had disappeared. The evaluation of the efficacy of treatment and the patient’s ability to return to normal family life in order to form new social bonds, or go back to focusing on the work.Informed decisions are significantFor many men, the symptoms of the disease have plain annoying. But for some people represents prostate enlargement go to the toilet so much that good night rest has. Become a thing the past the cause the cause is an enlarged prostate, is a condition Doctors & Dentists please call benign prostate hyperplasia . One in five men in their 50s are concerned – and the majority of males in their 70s has symptoms.