Notably, reported in four respondents for at least five years before he suffered a diagnosis for their condition bivirkninger ved medicin . Most respondents say , they waited until they bear tolerate their symptoms before seeking a diagnosis. Examples of perceived barriers to a proper diagnosis, the patient’s own lack of knowledge about the condition and the doctors do not recognize symptoms.

Gebo and her colleagues found that the average difference in cumulative treatment expenditures between early and late speakers from $ 27,275 to $ 61,615 higher over the first 7-8 years of treatment was the cost is higher for the late presenters because. Sicker than sicker than early presenters, particularly in the first year of treatment and the cost gap tend to shrink over time, she says. Late presenters are more often in the hospital must be taken to expensive antiretroviral therapy and antibiotics, and often have to for other disorders by by a weakened immune system exacerbated.

The gene called MEF2A, a role in protection the artery wall from the creation plaque which may impede blood flow and play run to heart attack, said Dr. Topol of to the Cleveland Clinic, head of a team that discovered the gene is. This is the first heart attacks gene, said Topol. This gene mutations has is designed to have the disease. When does not have this Gen in that family, They appear to free themselves from the development of the disease. .

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