Pashkow also said that could be the work of Mason ‘s lab suggests astaxanthin for the discovery for the discovery an entirely new class of safe, cardiovascular drugs? ‘This potent antioxidant may be the third great wave of modern therapy for secondary prevention of heart attack and stroke. The heart to work these funds likely by reprogramming the cellular oxidation balance to the cell and tissue cultures inflammatory response to blunt injury and damage to the border myocardium. ‘.

In addition, by limiting the amount of oxidative damage to LDL, the bad cholesterol , an astaxanthin could alter the progression of atherosclerosis clogged, the underlying inflammation that arteries and is responsible for most heart attacks and strokes when an atherosclerotic. Cardax Pharmaceuticals is exploring the use of astaxanthin and novel derivatives of astaxanthin and other carotenoids for use as medical agents in disease states characterized by abnormal cellular oxidation and chronic inflammation .At the time of women were recruited for the study, they reached 55 to 70 years age.

Female with missing information on bone use of drugs were excluded. Only be women who have do not have had hysterectomies were included in the analysis. Those who are current and past use of a bisphosphonate ‘ever used ‘as the defined report, and women who had such medicines such drugs: – Women without a diagnosis of cancer at the date of questionnaire were split into groups. This trial not alone to change clinical practice trials studies.

The classification to the drugs being bisphosphonates.

Overall 29,254 women were The analysis includes, during whom 115 has diagnosed with endrometrial cancer since to complete the questionnaires.